Friday, 20 September 2013

Photo Friday - Ship Ahoy!

I absoultely love taking photos, and so I wanted to take the chance to show some pics I have taken, here on my blog. I just love getting out and about in my town with my camera, or even just my own house or backyard... 

There is usually always something happening here in the coastal city I live; Since its a tourist destination spot. We live about 10 minutes from the ocean, and have lots of public garden, beach and picnic areas, nearby too. So there is usually always something to do, and to photograph!

Photo Friday will be new and constant thing here on my blog, to show off photos I have taken during the week!

This week I had the opportunity to go down to the local boat Marina here at the Jetty Foreshores and see a very cool wooden sailing ship, that is a replica of a 15th Century Portuguese Caravel:

Made completely from reclaimed Monterey Cypress timber wood, 
and lots of tar and stain, making it a very dark wood. 

It was called "Notorious" 

And had great attention to detail:

even a wooden rudder!

 It was very cool to see!

We actually went out yesterday in hopes to see it leave the area in full sailed glory, but its departure was delayed due to strong easterly winds, and so they planned on leaving during the night, so that was a bit of a shame. 

However we did some good exercise, walking, and got to see a Sea Turtle:

 Sorry they are not very big or detailed... We were up on The Jetty walk, where you can walk up high, out over the ocean on a big boardwalk, and he was swimming quite fast, we saw him over the right side at first, and he dove down as quick as we saw him. He popped up a few times, and then came over to the left side, where I got these pictures on full zoom! He was still a bit far away, But he was obviously having a ball in the sea around the Jetty...

I've seen sea turtles around that area before, but never managed to get photos. 

Here's a pic of the Jetty looking back towards the beach/land:

(It was quiet, not many people around.)

We also heard this strange noise coming from underneath the Jetty/Boardwalk itself, almost sounded like a Duck or a Frog, a kind of a mix of a Croaking Quacking noise!

I leaned over the side and saw this juvenile sea bird sitting on one of the pillars,
which is a type of bird I had never seen before:

Had a pointy yellow peak, with interesting markings and shape! Webbed feet but with a long slender neck, and I assume, just coming out of the baby stage, since he had light fluffy feathers on him, and the way he was "crying" with the croaky quack.... Cute in his own way!

 I came home and googled the birds from the area, and found that this bird is called a Dart or Darter Bird. Very good at "Darting" in and through the water, and because of their long neck and sharp looking beak.

All in all, its been a fun filled week, and beautiful summery weather here!

The sun has been shining beautifully, and we had nice hot weather today, that reached 32°C (89.6F)... Judging by that, I assume we are in for a hot summer considering Spring has only just started! 

I hope you liked seeing my Photo's.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


Flamenco92627/ Julieta said...

Looks like a nice time! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

brenda said...

It must be lovely to live right by the sea Annmaree and clearly it offers you lots of inspiration with your camera. Thanks for sharing especially that turtle.

B x

May said...

Your photos are Fantastic Annmaree, Loved them... the little turtle is so cute...Have a great weekend...Hugs May x x x

Bec said...

wow what a nice day out! I saw the ship on the news and thought it was cool. Have a great weekend! Bec

Cassandra C. said...

Beautiful pictures. You have a great eye for capturing beauty in the world. Thank you for stopping by my blog: and glad the camera stand tutorial is helpful to you! Have a great day!

michelle hodges said...

Gorgeous picture and what a pretty boardwalk!! We live in a coastal tourist place too. Isnt it so fun to live near the water.
Glad you had a wonderful time!!

MagsB said...

Lovely pics! You live in a gorgeous part of the world!

I'm astonished that the ship is so small, considering the Portuguese sailed around Africa and all the way to India in ships like that! Can you imagine being cooped up in such a cramped space? Or riding out a storm? They were very brave!

Stay well!

much love, Mags B x