Thursday, 12 September 2013

For Starters...

Hi Friends, my first post on my new blog! Pretty exciting!

I have been blogging for quite a few years now, under the name EmuUpAGumTree (Emu Creations) and while I liked the Aussie name, it didn't feel like ME, or the name of a craft blog... I didn't exactly have a great affinity for Emu's or had any Emu related nicknames or stories that I felt defined me in any way - but it seemed like a fun name at the time, and very Australian, so it just stuck...

I took a break from blogging to reassess why I did it, and what I wanted out of it. Also which direction I should go next in my crafting. I decided that I needed a fresh start... I have changed both creatively and personally over the years, so it seemed like the perfect timing to start again, and move on. Out with the old, and in with the new, so to speak - and looking forward...

I have always loved the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. Since I was a very small child I would obsessively watch it, driving my mother crazy. (To this day she cringes everytime it is mentioned! lol!) When I learned to read it also became one of my favourite book series.  As I grew older I have never stopped loving these magical stories! So when contemplating new blog titles, I knew I wanted to include some form of Oz-themed title to it...

 'Annmaree of Oz' was the first idea I had, but didn't reflect on the papercraft genre which my blog would be about. I knew I wanted something that at very least made mention to craft in some way, since that is what the content of my blog would be about. Brain storming continued and I went through PaperCraft City... Emerald Papercraft... Papercraft city of Oz... All not really hitting the right note...Finally I thought of The Yellow Brick Road.... and to change it to The Paper Brick Road... It was perfect! And so, I took my time, started building up a blog again, and here I am... 

I blog for myself, first and foremost. To have somewhere to write, post my creations, and  interact with my friends (and make new ones) means a lot to me. I've have struggles with Social Anxiety and Depression, so I find this blogging thing good therapy, and "safe" social interaction for me.

I'm a normal, down to earth, and kind person who is honest and believes in respect and loyalty. I believe in fairness and treating everyone well, and that there is Karma for those who don't.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, and try to find the positive in everything.

I love my town, my friends, my parents and my pets!

My fur-family are as follows...

15 year old Galah bird/parrot (Rosebreasted Cockatoo) named Patty. She is very inquisitive, smart and affectionate.

  I also have a Cat who is 9 years old, a ginger and white tabby fat cat, we named Pushka. He is cheeky and as playful as a kitten.


Finally we have a 10 month old Cockatiel bird, Darby. He is very happy and energetic, always playing and whistling.

I lead a simple, creative life and I'd like to think I'm a good person, friend and daughter; because that is what is important to me...

Thanks for stopping by my new blog, I will be posting creations soon!

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.

So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason.

If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.

Nobody said that it'd be easy; they just promised it'd be worth it."


Shirley-Anne Barber said...

great pet photos too .Following you via Bloglovin .Are you going to set up follow with google again ?
hugs Shirley-Anne

brenda said...
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brenda said...

A very good morning to you Annmaree,

I am so pleased to see you back in a new format and have to say it looks pretty good at that, you have done a great job of the design and layout.

As my MIL always said, one door closed but another one opens.

Can't see where to follow at the moment other than Bloglovin and I am not subscribed to that and avoided it like the plague when all the hype was going on pre July. Have signed up to mail subscription on a few over the years but it always seems unpredictable, so will wait to see if the follower widget appears.

Take care my friend and speak soon.


Jess said...

Welcome back lovely! I'm so glad you decided to continue blogging :) *hugs*

Tracy said...

Follow..follow..follow..follow the paper brick road .....loving the new look you Annmaree and all the thought you have put behind it..woohoooo you lady, looking AMAZING my friend!!
Such beautiful pics of your furry family and omg I have got to mention the ruby red slippers which I need!!
Great to have you back.
Love ya

Merry said...

What a lovely new blog Annmaree, glad I have found it and can continue to see your papercrafts. Your post is so well written. Interesting to learn a little more about you....concerning The Wizard of Oz. :-)