Sunday, 22 December 2013

Photo Friday on a Sunday - Ice Skating

Hey again friends, more busyness in the lead up to Christmas! So I missed Photo Friday, but here I am to share now. We were lucky enough to win tickets to see an Ice Skating show here in town, called Slice by Color Ice Australia. There were 10 skaters from all over the world! I was glad to attend, it was a brilliant show!

Here are some photos I got, stupid me just used my phone to take the pics, I should have brought my camera to get quality pics! But hopefully it gives you an idea.

They had lots of neat costumes!

and packed quite a lot into an hour show!

I really enjoyed these masked costumes with feathers and lots of tulle etc, and the dance performance they did with it;

and did lots of professional stunts

The 10 skaters were from Russia, Ukraine, France, Japan, and even a few from the USA and Australia! Wow! 

I really had a great time and enjoyed the show, and would love to see them again.

I hope you liked seeing my pics even though they were not the best quality!

Thanks for stopping by, and if I don't see you beforehand, 
Have yourself a joy-filled Christmas!!!

Love and Hugs from me to you xoxo

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Bleeding Heart - Mixed Media Page

Hello friends, wow these days and weeks are speeding by! Can you believe it is just a week until Christmas? 7 Sleeps! EEP!! That really came up fast.

Well, I mean't to post this page on Monday for my Mixed Media Monday post, but that lapsed with me being busy here. So here it is now:

So to start off with I stuck down some round reinforcement stickers, then got out my circle lattice stencil and some texture/modelling paste and went over it to give some neat texture. 

When it dried I spritz it with some Dylusions sprays. 

I cut the heart out of some canvas paper, and spritz that with more Dylusions, in a contrasting colour, and stuck it down. Then went around the whole thing with some black india ink!
 It ran a bit, so I decided to go with it, and let it run and drop some more. Which brought me to look for a quote to match. The piece sort of came out dark and moody, so the quote seemed to fit that. I just used a regular dymo embossing labeller for my quote.

The finaly step was to add splatters of india ink. And I also went over the piece with a heart stencil and a paintstik.

So something a bit dark, but Art Journalling is great therapy to get out these type of emotions, I feel. 

I will be back before Christmas to wish you well.

Thanks for stopping by xoxo

Friday, 13 December 2013

Through the Window - Art Journal Page

Happy Friday friends! I hope you have all had a fabulous week, and will enjoy the weekend ahead!

I have been playing in my Art Journal again, and became inspired by Nathalie Kalbachs video tutorial here on her blog, and decided to try it for myself: To make the page appear as a window - peering out to a city nightscape.

I started by adhering down some ripped up bits of text tissue paper with Gel Medium, and collaging it on there. Then basically sketched the scene with a pencil. The idea was for it to look reasonably crude since it is supposed to be freehand drawing and painting, and in a somewhat expressionist theme.

I used my Faber-Castell Gelatos to colour each area, spritz with a bit of water so it was watercolour and free flowing. I used my fingers to spread it around... It was messy fun! 

I put highlights and shadows in with other gelatos, and also some Big Brush Markers. 
I outlined everything with a big black sharpie - and used a ruler for my window panes. 
Then, went in with some gold glitter glue for the moon and stars.

Here you can see the sparkle on the  moon and stars.

I am quite happy with how this page came out, very different to what I am used of doing, but I enjoyed it a lot! I love trying new things and was glad to have found that tutorial by Nathalie Kalbach.
 I have joined up for her Creative Jumpstart online workshop for next year, I enjoyed last years Creative Jumpstart tutorials and videos very much and learned a lot! So this years should be even better! If you're into mixed media and art journalling, or even just starting with it - you should checkout her blog and sign up, its just $20 US for 23 videos and 21 artists. So worth it!

Anyway, enough rabbiting on from me. Enjoy your Weekend and Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Unique Face - Mixed Media Monday

Hello Friends!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I got a bit of craft on in my Art Journal;

Here is my mixed media page using the Jane Davenport face stencils;

My background was done by first sticking down the negative leftovers from a page of cardstock letter stickers, and going over them with gesso, and then some Dylusions sprays. 

The letter sticker diecut/negative gave a fun texture, I also then went over it with a writing lines stamp. Here is a closeup view so you can hopefully see the texture and stamping in the background;

 The face was sketched with the Jane Davenport face stencil, and then painted. I went in with Faber-Castell Big Brush markers for highlights, shadows and details, etc.

I chose this great quote for my page, printed out from my computer, and went around each section again with Big Brush markers.

I figured the face and girl I made was pretty unique, so went with the quote well.

The last step was to put some splatters around, with India Ink.  

and that is my page in my Art Journal, for this Mixed Media Monday!

I hope you like it, Thanks so much for dropping by!

Hugs xoxo

Friday, 6 December 2013

Photo Friday - OH Deer!

Just a quick post so you know I haven't dropped off the face on the Earth. lol. I've been busying myself here, and have had a nice week. I hope you all have had a lovely week, as well!
 Today we were lucky enough to see some of Santa's Reindeer in our city centre;

Now I'm not sure if these are actual Reindeer, or just common deer? Or some other breed of deer, perhaps my English or American friends who have these beautiful animals native in their country can tell me. But I do know they are Santas, right? :-p lol!!! 

They were brilliant to see, only 4 of them, only 1 with antlers. 

They had such beautiful faces and soulful eyes.
 Such a joy to see here in my little city, on the coast of Australia.

I hope you enjoyed seeing them, Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday mash-up!

Hi Friends! How are you all??? Great I hope!!! I know I haven't blogged for a while. I have had a busy week and promise to pop by all your awesome blogs soon! But I wanted to share what I've been upto, and some pics. So this is a Monday mash-up post!!!

First up; on the 25th it was my Birthday. I hit 27. But must say I'm feeling younger than that, but I guess everyone feels that way? I had a nice day, nice meal out with family and a nice homemade vanilla cake back home. 

I have to share a lovely Birthday card I received off the talented Brenda of Stamping Floral Fantasies:

and here is the card I got from my Mum and Dad:

On Saturday we had our first Christmas party luncheon for the season! Can you believe there is way less than 4 weeks to go until Christmas Day???  EEP!!!

Here are some pics I took at one of our local malls, that have started decorating for the occassion:

Santa's area was all set up ready and waiting for him to arrive; 

As well as the giant decorated Christmas tree:

 Santa even has his own post box:

 I do so love the decorations this time of year, the giant tree, the big presents, the reindeer and the lights and other trees etc!

And, of course, the nativity scene:

 I think I have shared before on my blog, pics of the crane birds/brolgas at the fountain - well they have taken on a very festive appearance:

Last night Mum and me attended a concert show at the local club, of a Roy Orbison tribute band! It was really great!!! The gentleman Athol Matcham had an amazing voice, it was as close to Roy as you would ever get! Here is a pic:

His wife, Edith, also sang some songs both with him and before he came on to warm up the crowd - she had a beautiful voice as well.

The band were very talented too, and also a lot of fun!!! Very comical gents.

It was a great night! We really enjoyed ourselves!!!

So that is about it! I hope you liked seeing my pics, and I will pop by your blogs soon.
Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs xoxo.