Friday, 27 June 2014

Photo Friday - Looking skyward

It's been a very long time since I have shared with you my photos - so I think I should start doing it again! This weeks theme is 'Looking Skyward'.
This week we had an amazing sunset here, it was talked about all over social media, and local news papers, websites and blogs! The sky was literally purple with pink fluffy clouds dissipating on the horizon! It was magical and unique - this photo even made it onto a local news site - so I was quite chuffed with that!

The clouds look like cotton candy, right?

A few days before, I was lucky enough to catch two rainbows, on two separate occasions.

Here's a pic of a tree at our house that bears orange mandarin fruit! I just loved the constrasting colours, the green of the leaves, with the pop of orange from the fruit and the bright blue sky. 

Here in Oz we are in the heart of winter, and although we don't have many deciduous trees here, there are some.

 I hope you liked my photos -  Thanks for stopping by! I'll leave you with a sunrise pic:



Michelle H. said...

Gorgeous pictures!
Yes those clouds do look like cotton candy what a gorgeous picture!
Very cool about your tree! We have one like that but our are only size a of a marble so far. Our lemon tree they are the size of a golf ball!
We already had peaches but only one made it the squirrel ate the other 13! We were bummed but was able to find one left on the tree I placed it in the window to ripe and eat of us has one bite-LOL.
thanks for the sweet comments on my blog sure have missed you! :)

brenda said...

What amazing photos and skies Annmaree, as you probabably know I have a thing about skies and often find myself taking photos and trying to emulate them with inks - keeps me out of mischief !

Thanks so much for sharing these amazing sights.

B x

brenda said...

Even probably !!

B x

Jules said...

Hi Annmaree

Fabulous photographs.

Everywhere looks amazing even though it is your winter.

Winter here never has skies that look blue .. .. in fact sometimes summer doesn't LOL!!!

Pleased you are venturing back to blogland wih your creativity.

Have a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

MagsB said...

I love your photos! The sunset is amazing, congrats for having your picture posted!

love Mags B x

coldwaters2 said...

Brilliant pictures of mother nature at her best, love them Annmaree look forward to seeing some more.
lorraine x

May said...

AmAzing photos Annmaree, This is winter.. it's so Beautiful...our skies are Grey in the UK at winter!
Love the purple sky & wonderful rainbows..the fruit on the tree looks yummy...Have a happy creative week... Hugs May x x

Merry said...

Terrific photos Annmaree. That first photo is just stunning, the clouds are so pretty.