Saturday, 19 October 2013

Photo Friday on a Saturday!

Hi friends, I missed Photo Friday, with everything I had going on here... I'm Doing a big spring clean and sorting through cupboards and such.... Realizing how many items really need to be replaced!  Like towels, and sheets and such... and I am also in bad need of a new bed! There's always something! lol...

Its really become quite summery over our continent, with lots of scary bushfires raging across our state and country... The air was very thick with smoke for a lot of days here, with some forrest out of town burning quite badly for days! We even saw the helicopters with their big buckets of water flying over quite often to try and subdue the flames, which by the news kept jumping and expanding! Thankfully a good rain pour came down yesterday, which eased it all in our area...

I did just want to share a couple of pics from about town, from this week - Taken with my mobile, as they were unexpected shots... At our City Centre Mall they have just had a big revamp and made a big area upstairs for eating and relaxing, with lots of cool chairs and such, and also some sculptures and artwork!

So I wanted to share with you the wooden sculpture that floats over the escalators at the top of the area: A Whale that is yet to be named;

This piece of modern art is 8 meters long, weights 300 kilo's, and is made from wood and metal. 

Our coastal city is known as a good vantage point to watch the migration of the whales during this time of year.

Here is another piece of Modern Sculpture art, that is on loan to the Mall, by the local Marine park who held a competition for local artists to decorate fiber-glass Dolphins -

This is the Sea Warrior dolphin - looking very Bionic I must say!

There were three other dolphins done by other artists, so I will share them here as well, but they are not my photos:

Aren't they stunning?  I am just loving seeing sculptures and art throughout my town.

I hope you liked seeing them, too! 

Thanks for stopping by.


May said...

Fabulous pics Annmaree, Love the dolphins...the sea warrior is amazing...Good luck with the cleaning.... Hugs May x x x

Shirley-Anne Barber said...

Like having our own tour guide , thanks Annmaree. lovely photos .

MagsB said...

I've been thinking of you a lot these last few days, with reports of the bushfires (there are some scary pictures of beautiful Sydney outlined against a red sky - I hope and pray that the courageous firefighters can get these awful fires put out!) I'm so glad you're safe on your lovely coast!

What incredible, gorgeous artworks! thanks so much for posting these pix!

Stay well and good luck with the cleaning - it's a never-ending task, isn't it?!

love Mags B x

Merry said...

Wow, those dolphins are all different. The whale is just amazing would be so lovely to walk around and see.

michelle hodges said...

So glad the rain came and the fires have stopped so scary!
Love the sculptures and love the dolphins they are so gorgeous!!
Hope you have a wonderful week!