Friday, 11 October 2013

Photo Friday - Baby Kangaroo

Hi Friends, it's another Friday so time for more Photos!
There was not a lot happening this week! But I did get to attend a Bird Workshop at my local PetStock where we had talks from a couple of Bird and Parrot experts, and also had a toy making workshop. So that was a lot of Fun and I learned so much! 

One of the ladies is a member of a Wildlife Rescue Centre, and had a Baby Kangaroo that she was caring for! It was so little and sweet, we were able to have a pat... Here are some photos I got with my mobile cell phone, so they aren't very good, but I still wanted to share:

 She was so sweet and very soft to touch! I believe she is an Eastern Grey Kangaroo, they call a baby Kangaroo a Joey. The lady had said the Joeys Mother was hit by a car, and when they checked the pouch they found baby alive and well inside. So she will be raised by this lady until she is old enough to be rehabilitated back into the wild.
 - - - - -
There's not much else I photographed this week,  except for the pets - So I hope you don't mind seeing those...  But before I do, I have a bit of a funny story, that is kind of Photo Related...

I went outside to get the mail from our mail-box out the front of the house, and saw a snail on the footpath, slowly moving along. Its not unusual that if we're not quick to the letter-box that letters and junk mail can start to get eaten into by the resident snails... Holey mail is common!

 So as I brought the mail in I thought it would be good to try and get a pic of this tiny snail on the path, test my skills and such and hopefully get a good photo... So came inside, checked the mail, nothing important, went found my camera, changed the battery pack, was inside say 5 minutes, then proceeded back outside.... It was gone! Completely disappeared, and nowhere to be seen anywhere around....  I looked all up the path, and around the grass and letter box, thinking it surely can't have gone far being a snail... but nothing!!! I think I accidentally stumbled across the worlds fastest snail! TURBO IS REAL!


Well, our new additions - The Budgies - have settled in really well! They have lots of attitude, and are so funny to watch! 

Darby is mesmerized with them;

and Paddy doesn't much care, as long as She gets her head scratches;

Pushka the cat, however, likes to keep one eye on them...
 But all in all, he is pretty good at keeping his distance from the bird room ;-)

I hope to see you back here on Monday for a Craft Post, haven't decided yet if it will be Mixed Media, or Merry Christmas themed!

Thanks for stopping by.


brenda said...

A super display of photos Annmaree, you have a hidden talent there for sure as they all have such good clarity and colour.

B x

michelle hodges said...

Adorable baby Roo! How fun to be so close! Have you ever had one in your yard?
Love your 2 new birds they are so pretty!!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

May said...

Gorgeous little cute!! as is your lovely pets...Loved all the pics.... Hugs May x x x

Sandy said...

Poor snail probably got picked off by some bird, did you check the bottom of your shoe, LOL.
Great pics of the kangaroo and your birds! We have a pet magpie at the moment, Hubby found it on the side of the road with a broken wing, It's only young still and he hope to release it back into the bush when it heals up. So it is enjoying city life at the moment.