Friday, 24 January 2014

Photo Friday - Outdoors

Hi Friends! Time to share some pics I've taken over the last few weeks with a Photo Friday post! Since I haven't done one in a while. Funnily enough, all of these pics are Outdoor ones! Who said I was agoraphobic and didn't get out much!? lol!
First some beach pics from my area: These were all taken on dull cloud covered days, where the only signs of life on the beach were some hungry seagulls.

Through the last few weeks we also have done some gardening work, and here is a caterpillar critter I came across, and had to get a pic of. Caught it in our Gardenia bush;
Google says this is a black gardenia bee hawk moth caterpillar, so will turn into a Moth. 

Here is a fly I was trying to get a close-up of - it's always fun to test the camera settings out, as long as your subject keeps still!
Here are some flowers from our Garden as well; Firstly Frangipani (Plumeria) flowers:

And some other flowers that come from 1 potted plant, which sprouts up with multiple colour flowers all from the one specimen. We believe it is called a purslane.

 Summer is fully underway here in Oz, with lots of hot humid weather, bright glaring sunshine, thunderstorms, and extreme heat and humdity across the country. We always keep our outdoor bird bath in our garden filled up, to help the wild birds beat the heat!

Here are just two visitors I've seen about lately, making use of the fresh water in the heat of the day; These are Magpie Larks, otherwise known as PeeWees. 

and last but not least -
 a pic that isn't very clear because I had to zoom it up even after I took it - but hopefully it gives you an idea! 
A blue-faced honey eater, which is a bird I hadn't ever seen before! It was very beautiful! A bright Blue face as the name suggests, and an almost golden olive green coated backm with black head, and white underbelly! Really impressive and the pic doesn't do it justice.

Here it was contorting his body about on a Bird of Paradise plant;

 So that's it for this Photo Friday, I hope you liked seeing my pics from around my home and town, Thanks so much for stopping by! 


May said...

Fabulous photos Annmaree...I would love a walk along that beautiful beach with no-one around how wonderful just having a couple of gulls for company.....the insects are amazing pics...I adore the flowers too...Love your post.... Have a happy weekend... Hugs May x x

Merry said...

Wonderful photos the seagulls and that honey eater, so pretty.

michelle hodges said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Love the birds especially the one with the blue head wow that a gorgeous bird!!
Glad you are enjoying the beautiful outdoor weather in your area!!
Hope your having a fabulous weekend!

Tracy said...

Beeeeautiful pictures Annmaree, loving the beach and the flowers....what a gorgeous country you live in!!